Feedback received from visitors to our recent shows:

“Wonderful professional group… We gained so much from their knowledge.”

“Combat was incredible, really brought to life how it must have been, instead of being perfectly choreographed like on films…  Well done!”

“LOVED the re-enactment today. My little boy had a lovely 9th birthday!  He shot arrows from a long bow, has been the blacksmith’s assistant, tried on armour and to top it all we had a private recital of Beowulf in Old English which we videoed so he can show his class at school! Perfect”

“What an amazing experience. Felt like a guided tour of the past… Totally captivated all of us in the family.”

“Great re-enactors with lots of authentic beautiful stuff.”

“We enjoyed the combat… Really felt like stepping back in time.”

“Re-enactors very knowledgeable and approachable.”

“A very welcoming group and great with children.”

“The re-enactment was fantastic… I’ll definitely return!”


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Links to Other Websites


West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village – A reconstructed Saxon village in Suffolk – well worth a visit.

Sutton Hoo – Belived to be the burial site of King Raedwald.

Megi Photography – Megi kindly provided some of the photographs on this website.